The musical structure of Coyote is particularly relevant. It’s unusual. The timing keeps changing. The home chord doesn’t feel like home. Some of the notes are dissonant. Why did I do that?

Repetition of sounds is the oldest trick in the poetry book. Not only do I repeat phrases, I repeat consonant and vowel sounds within the phrases. "He hUgged the brUsh and Ran the Ridge..." Why did I do that?

Think specifically about why those devices bring this song to life, a song about an ephemeral experience with the natural world.

I originally began this piece by riffing on "Elvis Presley Blues" by Gillian Welch and David Rawlings.

Can you hear the similarities? What do our experience of Elvis Presley and the coyote have in common? How might any song be used like a form, in the manner of the sonnet or haiku in poetry?